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I walked in paid 1400.00 for an S22, I ended up moving to the mountains, tried to change carriers and Verizon has my new phone locked. I do NOT have a plan with them other than a simple prepaid plan, again I paid cash for it. NEVER I say NEVER buy a phone from this company. I have over 70 VZW phones for my companies I issued a directive to cancel and port every other one to a new carrier. AGAIN I paid cash for this phone, No contract.  They are holding me hostage because I bought a phone from them. The phone ported successfully to the new carrier, I called VZW and asked "is my phone locked? They responded "No" so I called Vzw back and they said it was. I told them this was a cash sale. 

They just lost a 70 phone account becuase of their utter incompetance and I will NEVER do business witht them again... I am sick of them. I repeat I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. They hold hostage. They should NOT port numbers without the customer KNOWING they cannot port it. 




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I have the same problem.  Moved and switched to ATT. Now my old phone is carrier locked and nobody will help. 13 call and chats to Verizon and lied to every time by customer service.  1800 phone I paid in full is held hostage by a company. 

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Hi, there! We hate to read that you are no longer a Verizon customer, but at the same time we want to provide information about our device unlocking policy. Any Verizon device is locked for 60-days after purchase whether it's activated with us or not. Please click link below for more details. Have you had your device for more than 60-days?