Lost/Stolen Android9 plus Samsung SD

My S9+SD card  is lost/stolen. I tracked it for a day hoping to get help locating it bc it was hours away, but is now dead.

When tracking, it tracked at one location, then hours later at another, where it remained until  the next morning, Then showed  original location for a few hours maybe,  another house located directly behind where I was (basically its back yard), then back to the 1st house until dead which appears to be close to where I lost it as well; however, down further than original location (the railroad tracks  behind the woods and house). It's just weird bc it then remained at the address of the house for almost a day (until dead), with no movement, and seemed that maybe they removed the sim and sd card... bc of the way it didn't move until dead after that, but I was still able to ring it through 'find my phone'. hmm 

I was able to turn on the phone ringer for 5 minutes several times when it just stayed at that location (which coordinates give the address of a multi family house, but on the satellite map,  it appears that the phone could be in the woods behind the house where it makes sense it could've fallen out of pocket.  IDK, just really bothering me bc I reported to police and they helped call it the evening of while I searched for it, but it was too loud to determine where it was, and not enough time. I didn't want to stop looking, but it didn't seem safe to continue. Also, I pulled my car near the area, and it didn't connect like it usually would...but unsure if it doesn't automatically connect like it used to bc my son added his phone, so now have to choose I believe(IDK).

Wow, so if you're still with me......how can I get a phone activated at home without verizon if I have the sim and a phone, both from them. Oh, and if I activate that one, will it deactivate the other from me being able to find it if someone turns it back on/ charges it. 

1. Could it be the tracking methods inaccuracy since it states on Android it's an "approximate" location, or did someone most likely take the phone? I want to go search again before wiping  if there's a chance its been in the same place the entire time (if I can even ring it now that it's dead...it says I can, but that just doesn't make sense bc it cant locate/connect to it since it died).  I hate to think someone has all my info and access to so much bc I didn't wipe it or encript the SD card when I put it in, but if there's a chance its just laying in the grass at this time, I'm down to go look again...maybe with a rake..lol. 

2. Is there anything I can do to locate/track the SD card if I have original packaging, etc? Encript it remotely?, have samsung disable?wipe it? If the phone is charged again by someone and the locator tracks it, is there a way to wipe the SD card?? 

3. What precautions should I take knowing someone will get the phone with ALL of my medical, legal, personal, families info, passwords, etc on it....(not sure if I can wipe it now that it's dead). 

Of course I'll call verizon (been trying for 2 days, but they just want to verify my current info through that phone number...not email, and I cant log into my account without that verification. THAT is the most frustrating, bc I don't have the current ability or health to go into  the store at this time, no one (although have others, and put a sim into one of them, but can't set up bc I can't get into my account (bc of the verification code sent to that phone). They say there's a one time one they'll send to email, but once I did it made me change password again, then kept sending verification to lost phone.  VERY FRUSTRATING...especially when I have medical needs and time sensitive information I can't complete without the phone. 

I didn't want to unsync all info for fear of not being able to track it...but after I go look this last time I'll remove the phone from my computer completely. 

4. Can you track the old phone if someone charges it if I've activated a new one/new sim.

5.  Lets say someone got into it while it was active, what do I need to change as for my internet, modem, pws, financial info etc....assuming they know how to hack into the encripted pw's and other info. They will have all my identifying information, which I already has been taken by identity theft cases, so is what it is (have some alerts on credit, ss, etc).  What about auto fill? addresses, cc#'s, pmts, receipts? 

6.  Is there ANY way for me to retrieve information from that SD card or phone while I still have access to it from my computer? What about remotely transfer contents from SD card to phone, so I could then clear phone? Just trying to think of all possibilities...both of being able to retrieve ANY of it, and of clearing the information so I'm not at risk. 

Oh, some of the info is backed up automatically (no clue where... google I guess), but a lot isn't bc device was full (and that's important evidence in an auto accident where my car/child was just totaled/inured (along with all sorts of other legal dates and documentation I need to function). 

I had trauma and had to use the phone to track pretty much everything for legal and medical matters...and really desperately need info in it. I took smart switch off of it bc it was limited on space  this past year.

7. I have some various cloud/ backup accounts, but worried when I wipe phone, it will wipe things in the cloud (as it says it does on one of the sites...verizon, google, or the other...IDK???).  

8. Any tips on finding it where it can't be heard (near railroad tracks under an overpass) and is most likely in wooded area?  Thought I'd try the metal detector to see if it would pick it up, but think it would ding on all else. 

I sure wish we could remotely charge a phone:). 

Thank you for your assistance in protecting my information and/or helping me retrieve so much of my life it's not funny! 

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