Low Cell Service
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I live in zip codes 36109, 35205 and 36530.  We have, like others, never had an issue with cell service with Verizon until about 9mths to a year ago.  In all 3 sip codes we are getting 1-2 bars, dropped calls etc.  Both of our phones are new within the past year.  For the price we pay for this service I do expect a better service than this.  

Is there something we need to do with our phones?  Mine is a Note 9 and spouse is a iphone 7+.


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Re: Low Cell Service
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I know how important it is to make sure that you have service at all times everywhere that you go. Are you having these issues indoors or outdoors? About how many miles are each of these zip codes from each other? Are the Voice and Data Roaming settings turned on for both devices?

iPhone 7+: Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Options

Samsung Note 9: Settings> Connections>Mobile Networks