Loyalty Means Nothing to Verizon
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I’ve been a Verizon customer for over 15 years. I’ve seen how Verizon incentivizes new customers and current customers never have any perks but I’ve stayed a loyal customer.

On Friday, November 19 after about 2 hours I find out that I cannot upgrade my line without paying a ridiculous amount in full for a new phone as I’m maxed out on my credit limit, how in the world does one max out when they have three lines and the new phones are over $1000 each?  Also, Verizon only has promotions available if you do monthly device payments and no incentive if you buy a phone outright! Please help me understand this logic? 

I would think after 15 plus years of loyalty to Verizon my account and commitment would speak for itself. It's super irritating that as long as I've been with Verizon that they’re saying that I have a credit limit. Even though I've paid off many phones, switched upgraded over the years, etc...it make no sense.  I am beyond dissatisfied! 

For Verizon to have such a policy seems backward as they’re suppose to aim to please their customers. 

Customer Service and Loyalty of your customers should be a top priority. What's worse is the times we're in and Verizon as a company is making it harder for their customer?

Also, having upgrade perks for new phones only if you do monthly device payments and then have a barrier on the account to deny them an upgrade unless they pay in full and then no perk, no loyalty back to the customer that has stayed with you 15 plus years? 

I just find this new financing limit to be very backwards and not customer friendly.

I can switch to T-Mobile, get $1000 off a iPhone 13 Max Pro, set of air pods, year of apple TV and eagerness to have my business and this promo is for new and existing customers, this is very messed up.

I guess Verizon doesn’t care about loyalty and working with their longevity clients.    

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Re: Loyalty Means Nothing to Verizon
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We never want to see you leave. Let's review your account together. Please send us a private message. -Joe

Re: Loyalty Means Nothing to Verizon
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did they ever end up giving you anything ?

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They're a giant corporation. Do you honestly think for so much as a nanosecond that they give a rat's rosy red rear about any of us individual customers? We can go away, and will be replaced by two more saps, and they'll never miss us. With all the billions of dollars of revenue, what makes you think it's in their best interests to be loyal to us?

Re: Loyalty Means Nothing to Verizon
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Who are you kidding? You really do not care if we leave or not, you are still collecting your paycheck. I really wish these Verizon_Customer_Support, would quit reading off the screen in front of them and let us hear how they real feel.

Salty... Oh, yes I am!!