MMS Messages stopped working 3 weeks ago

I am having a huge issue with the verizon start unlimited. I am wondering what is wrong with this plan. We have tried to talk to tech support, we even went into the store. Approx 3 weeks ago all the phones on our plan are unable to send or recieve MMS messages, and group chats. Spoke to a rep who said it was our plan and we needed to go up to the do more or play more unlimited. But we dont need 5G, or a hotspot or apple music. So I am just confused, and frustrated. Anyone else have this issue? Any help or guidance would be helpful. 

Side note: Same symptoms regardless of wifi connection. If I am on wifi or not MMS messages wont come in. We have a mix of iPhone and Android Phones so it isnt just one device, and it is happening on all 4 of our phones. I have also gone through the steps on my Android to reset the network settings. I am at my wits end and we are thinking of switching companies so we can get phones that work.

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