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MMS and FM radio question

I have a samsung galaxy nexus. I have had it for 4 weeks. I have been unable to send MMS message from my house using wifi or CDMA. I am unable to get 4G LTE at my house. When I send a picture message, either from the photo directly or from the gallery, it shows up and says "sending" and then gets stuck like that and never sends. In fact I get so many of them that I get an error message that I cannot send any more message and I have to go through and delete them. The only way I can actually send a photo is to drive around until I can find a 4G LTE area and then I have to resend them all but they will go through. I have taken my phone to Verizon, they have tried pulling the battery out and restarting, they tried rebooting the phone, and they have changed my SIM card. My husband is having similar issues with his Motorola Razr. We are frustrated. Prior to getting smart phones we had LG ENV touch. They both sent picture messages flawlessly. I also had a droid incredible 2, and it sent messages flawlessly from the house. We live in the same house, nothing has changed except we upgraded (if you can call it that) to the nexus and razr and now neither one of us can send multimedia messages to anyone on any carrier at any time. It is frustrating. We have tried toggling off the wifi and going over the 3G CDMA network and it still does not send.

Also my other question is about radio. I need an FM radio to listen to the TV stations at my gym. The droid incredible 2 had a built in FM radio. I cannot find one or an app for the samsung nexus. I have had to return to carrying my ipod at the gym again. The Verizon salesman at the store keeps telling me there is one on there, but I can't find it. Then he tells me to get an app, but the apps are streaming radio, not the FM radio band I need to access the TV's at the gym.

I am frustrated I feel like I have taken a step back in terms of phones. I am back to carrying an ipod and a phone to the gym and I can no longer send photos to my family members from my house.

I hope someone has a solution to my two issues listed above. I miss my Droid incredible 2!! Smiley Sad

Re: MMS and FM radio question

So you took your phone to VZW so they could troubleshoot the problem with sending MMS and they didn't fix it?  Take it back.  Don't leave until they fix it.  Not sure why it would not be sending.

There is no FM Tuner for the Nexus.  Out of luck there.  Not sure why you'd want to listen to mindless CNN or FOX news though when you can get Tunein from the market and listen to radio from all over the world.  Much more interesting. Smiley Happy