Marshmallow Release Date for Samsung Note 4

Verizon- Please let me know when the release date is for the Marshmallow for the Samsung Note 4. Your response needs to contain a date. Please make sure you highlight and underline the date so no one misses it.

For those who want to tell me "go ask Samsung"or some variation of that kind of response: please explain why that will help given that users of the Note 4 from other carriers both domestically and internationally have received Marshmallow. Verizon is the largest carrier in the US- would it make sense that Samsung would delay the update for the LARGEST carrier in the US? Please engage in some critical thinking skills (and maybe do some research) to understand why Verizon would be different (hint: the answer doesn't lie with Samsung- all other carriers would be delayed as well).

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Because there are different teams working on different variances. Like in life often people never finish the a project at the same time. Manufacturers for the past have admitted they do all the coding and get things in advance from carriers that they want installed.

Why do you think some countries in Europe are suing Samsung because of lack of support? Here's a pretty little thing I am going to tell you. Next time you talk to Samsung reps (which never have a clue about updates) if they in fact have given it to carriers ask them for the certification documents that shows they finished it for a specific carrier based on their own dev teams, and front office admission carriers don't code the update themselves.

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