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I have been having a problem with my galaxy s5 since it updated to marshmallow in may. I called Verizon and Samsung with no luck.I came on this form to see if anyone on here could help.I notice on here the same problems I was having such as the phone just rebooting out of the blue and then would get stuck on the reboot.I downloaded the Verizon program to update or repair my phone,it just seem to make it worse.I had a keyboard that was for the note 3 and other apps that were not for my phone.To make a long story short I went to There I was able to get help on reinstalling marshmallow with a clean boot.I would not recommend this for people whose phone is under warranty or anything like that all I can say is my phone has been on for almost 14 hrs and the app says it has about 17 hrs left(I guess we will see)but my point is that I am able to shut it down and it reboots fine I can also do the power/up volume/ and home key now to get to the screen to clear the cache files which I could not do before.I just did this because I was at my last straw with this phone and I only have a few weeks left on my account and needed the phone.This may not work for everyone but if you have tried everything else it may help.

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