Mass Confusion IMEI Number

Purchased a used Samsung phone off of Amazon, the seller was a pretty big company certified as a Amazon seller. So, I figured good to go. Ordered and it came, then the problem started.

I have three lines with Verizon, 1 for me and 1 for my wife. I also have a Ipad which I use to just fly my drone and it has a Sims card in it so I removed the Sims card and placed it in the Samsung phone I just purchased. BAM, total lock down on the phone and my drone Sims Card. Called rep, phones been blacklisted is what they said. Called the seller, they said they purchased the phone from Verizon surplus. Seller tried to help me and called Verizon themselves, turns out Verizons records are all over the place but shows the phone shipped with a good IMEI number. So, I now have non-functioning Samsung phone no one can answer why the IEMI number is blacklisted. Seller said they purchased a good phone from Verizon ironically Verizon claims it's a blacklisted phone. HELP..!!




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Just return it to Amazon, they have a 30 day return policy on cell phones.

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Phones get blacklisted if they were reported lost/stolen or if they were never paid off. 

Get your money back and purchase from a more reputable seller.

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Hello Schoolbus2,


I'm sorry to learn about any inconvenience with the phone you purchased. Thanks to the community for pitching in and giving you some good advice. Tell me, has everything been worked out with your drone? Please let me know if you need any additional assistance with that.