Message + Not sending pictures

On Christmas Day, ALL of my devices stopped sending pictures. I can still send text messages but cannot send any pictures.  Phone is a Samsung S22. Tablet is a Samsung S7+ and the online Windows app.
Switched to the S22 about 2 weeks ago. Did not have issues until Christmas day.

Re: Message + Not sending pictures
Customer Service Rep

rickatnyte, we apologize for the issues you are having with your devices. As someone that send a lot of pictures via text, I know how inconvenient this issue can be. Do not worry. We are here to help. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22 Ultra - Reset Network Settings


Please keep in mind that resetting the network settings, the following are cleared or restored to default values:

Cellular and Wi-Fi network settings (including saved networks and passwords)

Once that is done. Please test your picture messages. let us know if the issue is resolved.