Message+ adds the area code to contacts

Recently when I add a non-standard number to a conversation in Messages+ from my contacts it adds my area code.  I'm referring to the numbers that aren't 7 digits long, like some banks, apps, and other services use.  The area code is not included in the saved number.  My native Samsung Messages app does not do this.  Any ideas?

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Re: Message+ adds the area code to contacts
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lthares, we certainly want all that you message with to receive your important messages. I too have some specific short codes saved to my contacts so I may recognize them when I receive messages. Allow me to ask, are you starting a new message when this happens or would this be a message thread that already exists that you are then continuing? Which make and model phone do you have? Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software recently? I just attempted this from Message + as a new text with a 7 digit number and do not see that anything was added so let's work together to see what that difference is. 

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