Message+ flagged email reminders

I have recently been updated to Android 10.  I have Message+ synced with my work email through Office 365.  However, I am noticing that when I flag and email and set a reminder in Outlook on my computer, that I will get a notification that appears like an email on my phone notifications.  This did not used to happen.  I don't mind it, but I am having the issue below:

There is no option to snooze the reminder through Message+ or the notification.  The only options are to Dismiss or Reply to the email.  I can snooze the notification in Outlook to have it appear again at a later time.  However, if I choose Dismiss or Reply, or even just I clear the notification (not dismiss or reply), I notice that the reminder on the flagged email in Outlook disapears and I have to reset it (even if it was just snoozed).

Why is this happening, and, more importantly, how do I stop it?

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Re: Message+ flagged email reminders
Customer Service Rep

We understand that you recently updated to Android 10 and your messages are behaving differently when you access them with different applications or software (Office 365 and Outlook), Eric-53. Please note that any software updates may change the way any application works, and this is normal.


We know that your device's software was updated to Android 10, please make sure that Message+ ( is also updated to the latest version to ensure that it works correctly with your updated phone's software.


Are you experiencing any issues with Message+ when you use directly on your phone (without Outlook or Office 365)?