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I have had issues with the Message+ app not notifying me. I opened the app this morning to text someone, and had tons of messages from over 12 hours prior that I never got notified for. 

This was an issue on my previous phone as well, but I just chalked it up it being an older phone. I now have a Galaxy S22+. This happens frequently, and I've tried all I can. Is this an app issue? Should I just use a different default app? Its really frustrating to not be getting my text messages.


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Re: Message+ not notifying
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Yes, it is an App issues as well as all the other issues and/or concerns with Verizon Apps. I would suggest using another app as you have had the issue and/or concern with 2 separate devices. Until Verizon can keep up with what new devices the manufactures are releasing. Just saying. Good luck, with getting the proper help, within here

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Re: Message+ not notifying
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We are here and we are ready to assist at a moments notice. Please send us a Private Note in order to proceed! *Jorge