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I had a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S20+ this past weekend. On both phones, I am connected to our office’s wireless network during my workday, but many of my outgoing text messages say “Failed”. It happened so often on my S8+, that I thought upgrading to S20+ would fix my problem, but it hasn’t at all. I also experience that when I send a text from work, using their wireless network, it usually takes a really long time for the text to actually show as “sent”. It shows as “sending” for oftentimes 10 minutes. I’m hoping you might have some suggestions that would help improve my texting issues. No one else in my office experiences these issues, so I really can’t figure it out. People here have Droids, Iphones, and their cell carriers vary. Why would I be the only person with this issue if we're all using the same wireless network at the office? I don't experience this issue at home at all.

I appreciate any help you might have.

Thank you,

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We would love to help you stay connected better at work. What messaging application are you using? Do you have a weak cellular signal in the building prior to turning on WiFi?