Messages not being received unless I open the Message+ app

I have an Galaxy S9. Lately, I've been having a problem with my text message app. Normally I recieve text messages fine, but occasionally I only recieve my text messages when I open the Message+ app. As previously state, this does not happen all the time, rather it only happens randomly. I have tired restarting my phone mulitple times and this problem has been occuring off and on for a few weeks. My first is experiencing a similiar issue and she does not have the same phone (she has a Motto), but does use the Verizon text message app. There does not seem to be any discrepancies between recieving texts from Andriod or IPhone.


Hoping for some advice from someone who have had a similiar issue?

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Re: Messages not being received unless I open the Message+ app
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If you're having difficulties using a messaging application, I would recommened verifying the message application of your choice is set to be your default application. If you switch between your message applications this could be the reason you're unable to recieve text messages at certain times.


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