Messaging app no longer has personalized text tones!!

I agree with everyone with the problems they are experiencing with the messaging app, app badges, etc, also the emojis all changed, and it didn't say that was changing in the description for the update. My question is, did the update take away personalized text tones? Before the update, I had specific tones for people so that I knew immediately who was texting me, but after the update everyone has the same time, and I don't see any options to change them... Overall I'm very disappointed with the update.

Re: Messaging app no longer has personalized text tones!!
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Eriley6, we are sorry to hear that the latest software update has changed some things that you enjoyed about your phone. When looking at these text tones, we do see that the manufacturer removed this feature with the update. There has been much feedback about this, and we hope they will be able to enable this again in the future. Should you use the Messages+ application, you will have the option to select these tones. Simply open a thread with the person you want to set a custom tone for. Hit the menu button (3 dots in upper right) select customize, select tones, and then select your desired tone. I hope this is beneficial. 


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