Messaging issues

I recently moved out a distance from the rest of civilization. I get no signal in my home what so ever. I use wi-fi calling when home. I use FB Messenger for sms.




Often, my incoming text messages don't get to me. I may get them hours, or even days, later. One evening at work, suddenly my phone went nuts. Three days of text messages came in about a minute.


I live out in the country, just outside of the reach of the closest towers. I work in a city, where reception should be fine (Green Bay, WI). Even at work, I still often get no messages, and calls often do not ring through, they just hit Voice-mail. 


What should I try?

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Customer Service Rep

Oh wow that is a long time not to get your messages. I would like to help to see what is going on. Please meet me in a private message so we can help you.