Messaging platform - Samsung vs. Android
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Okay, so I played with the Samsung Fascinate enough at the Verizon store to discover how much I liked it.... I text message A LOT so the messaging feature and platform are very important to me. As I sent a few practice messages on the display model and the store, I really enjoyed using the keyboard and found it easy to navigate. However, after getting the phone home (which is the true test of its functionality), I've discovered that the messaging platform that is currently in use, is the "Samsung" platform. When I go into the message settings, I am able to adjust all of the "Android" messaging features, but I have yet to figure out a way to get the keyboard and messaging platform to reflect the Android settings I customized. I'm really frustrated an confused because the display model was set to use the Android keyboard which is what I want but can't seem to get! I'm either missing some major piece of the puzzle, or the display had some third party messaging app installed. If anyone knows how to switch it ( or  even knows what I'm talking about ) please message me and let me know..


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Is it possible that the Fascinate in the store had the Swype keyboard loaded onto it? 


There are settings to make Swype the default keyboard. Swype would be the first thing I'd load onto a phone, if it wasn't already.


At least, you can take the phone back to the store and have the reps show you how to set up your phone the way you want, or see what was on the demo Fascinate that you saw.


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Re: Messaging platform - Samsung vs. Android
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The Fascinate comes preloaded with Swype like the Droid X and Droid 2.  To switch between swype and the stock keyboard, go in like your going to enter a new text, long press on the text entry box and choose Input Method.  That should allow you to switch back and forth.