Messaging plus app not showing Contact Pics
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So when I first got the Galaxy s5 on Friday I set it all up; Facebook, Contacts, Messaging + and contact pictures showed up. However coming from the Galaxy s4 I wanted to maximize my battery's potential so I disabled Facebook during my working hours apparently by doing so the Messaging + app couldnt pull the pictures from my Facebook contacts.

But now I want to make Messaging + app as my default and no matter what I do, the Facebook Contacts of mine arent showing up (pictures).

Is there any other way to force sync it up?

Is the Messaging + app using the Verizon Cloud, so if Cloud is down so is Messaging + app.

In theory yes I do have pictures of my Facebook contacts on my phone, so I could go into each of my contacts and set a picture up but come on!!!

The irony is the other Messaging App is currently sync'ing properly.

So whats going on with the Messaging + app??

FAQ's on Messaging + doenst say

Live Chat via a Verizon Agent didnt help

Emailing the Developer didnt help

The Messaging + website didnt help

I'm out of options unless someone else is familiar with this app; brand new to me via s5


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I hope you get a solution to this because I have the exact same problem and I love the VM app.  But if the contact pictures aren't fixed, I don't want to use it.

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I was able to find a work around to solve the contact pictures issue with the VM app. I downloaded the "Sync.ME" app for facebook and linked in. It was relatively easy. The only thing I had to do for a couple contacts is create new contacts on the phone and link them with facebook. Seems to be working like it should. Hope this helps someone else!!!

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Sync. Me fixed the issue for me as well in Message +

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Oh look, Verizon is 3/3 of the last posts I read where they offered no help whatsoever.