Misinformation regarding long distance call

A couple of months ago I contacted an associate at Verizon regarding calls to the Dominican Republic.  I was told that the Dominican Republic was part of the NANP and that it was just like calling Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, it is not just like calling Puerto Rico.  A call to Puerto Rico, from the contiguous US, is free of long distance charges, a call to the D.R. is not.  I realize that it was incumbent upon me to do the research, and had I done more investigating, I would have realized that I was going to be charged a huge sum in long distance billing.  I am not asking for a refund, but what I am asking Verizon to do, is be sure to give the whole story next time they answer a question of a long-time customer.  Had he (the associate) said that calling the D.R. was like calling Puerto Rico from a dialing perspective, but, it would have a long-distance charge attached to it, I would have never made the call.

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Re: Misinformation regarding long distance call
Customer Service Rep

We know how important it is to know all of your options for staying connected. We do offer international calling plans that will help with the calls to the Dominican Republic if this is a call you have to make often. You can take a look at our calling plans here: https://www.verizon.com/solutions-and-services/international-long-distance-in-us/