Misinformation when switching plans

Hello - can anyone help point me in the right direction on how to file a corporate complaint? I have used the chat feature to learn more about switching my account and on MULTIPLE occasions the chat representative has given me the wrong information. The long story short, I was misquoted for the line cost based on the type of plan I was switching to 3 times. The agent simply said "sorry the last agent gave you the wrong information" but basically it was too bad. I therefore incurred an additional   or so monthly on my bill that I was NOT expecting. The second issue I am running into is that the agent told me that I would keep the promotional payment amount for my device, and now that I already switched, I was once again told by a different agent (yes this is about the 5th agent I have spoken to, all giving me the wrong information) that I lost the discount when switching. This is absolutely ridiculous. It has been a long while since I have experienced blatant disregard and horrible customer service. Can someone please help direct me how to file a complaint?

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