Missing S22 Ultra Delivery
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So I was shocked to see my pre-ordered S22 Ultra be shipped on 2/19 with an estimated delivery of 2/22. So today (2/22) I waited in anticipation for the UPS truck to show with my shiny new phone.

Come the end of the day, UPS finally showed up in front of my house. I waited at the front door as they stayed parked. Then they drove off. Never getting out of the truck. My tracking info was then updated to "Delivered".  I clicked the proof of delivery button and it gave explanation of "Front Door". I have RING Video footage of me going out my front door as they drove off wondering where the heck my package was.

Please Help! I want to get my phone ASAP and I am beyond frustrated as there is no way to contact either Verizon nor UPS past 7pm!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

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Re: Missing S22 Ultra Delivery
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Verizon is open until 8 or 9 in every time zone. Most of the store r open beyond 7 so customer service def. is as well. First thing Id do is call UPS n report it so they can open a claim. Next call vzw. Vzw will file a ticket so you aren’t held responsible. They will place another order for you.  Unfortunately, your place in line will be reset. If the driver took your device. Nothing Verizon can really do but put you back in line and make sure you aren’t charged for the one that wasn’t delivered. Source roommate used to work for Verizon. 

Re: Missing S22 Ultra Delivery
Customer Service Rep

Hello, dfdorsey85. We are very sorry to hear about what happened with the delivery of your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra device. We do take matters like this very seriously and we certainly want to make sure that this is resolved correctly for you. Please send us a private message so that we can assist further.  -Brett