Missing calls (plus delayed voicemails) - this is insane
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My Samsung S8 Plus keeps missing calls, with no indication in the call log that anyone tried calling.  In addition, it appears that some voicemails are getting delayed by hours (had one come in this morning at 8 AM -- the caller had left it at 3:30 PM yesterday). 

I stopped at my local Verizon store about a month ago & they did a reset which may have resolved it for a short time (then again, how would I even know).  But I'm not going to do this on a biweekly basis.  That's simply unacceptable.  I've been with Verizon for years, but I'm going to have to change carriers if a permanent solution isn't available.

Does anyone know of a fix that actually will work - and will "stick"?

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Re: Missing calls (plus delayed voicemails) - this is insane
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We always want your device to function as it is supposed to. We are here to help. How do you primarily access your voicemail? The voicemail icon or *86? -BrittanyC_VZW