Missing shared media on Message+

I'm confused and upset. I noticed that in my texts with my boyfriend I am missing a majority of our shared media on Message+ ....I've never deleted anything on there and look back on pictures we exchange for the memories and now 75% of them are just missing. Is there a way to recover them or why did it even happen in the first place? I never went and saved most of them individually so I don't have them anywhere else unfortunately.

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Re: Missing shared media on Message+
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We never want you to be confused or upset, Carlieann. We're sorry to hear your shared media is no longer showing content you wanted to save. The Message+ app will not delete content but if content was deleted, you would not be able to get it back. You can learn more about Verizon Messages here, http://spr.ly/6604Kg3Ey. How old was this media? If you scroll through the thread does the media show there? Do your boyfriend by chance have any of the content saved on his phone? -Danielle