Mix up with replacement phones, still not fixed!

verizon definitely is horrible....they have totally screwed up replacement orders for two very expensive phones whose batteries failed. They said they were sending Galaxy 7's as replacements and then sent moto z...not even close replacement. One arrived the other didn't because they sent the two phones to two different addresses. 
I have spent over a week on the phone or by chat and it is true...the live reps lie, they will tell you anything to get off the phone. The chat is like having a dialogue with either a robot, a total imbecile or someone choosing to have a laugh at my expense.

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Re: Mix up with replacement phones, still not fixed!
Customer Service Rep

ERGOE888, we recognize your time is valuable and I'm sorry to see that you haven't been able to receive a resolution for your replacement devices. You've come to the right place for help and I'm confident that we'll be able to make things right. Please check your inbox for a Private Message.



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