Mobile Hotspot not working - keep getting "subscribe" message
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I have seen this problem listed in the community many times and yet I do not see an actual solution. I have 8 devices. Two are S21+ and two are S9 Active. I have Unlimited Do More for each device which comes with 25GB of Mobile Hotspot. I am able to enable the Mobile Hotspot for 3 devices and one single phone (S9 Active) I cannot. I keep getting the following error message:

"To use Mobile Hotspot, you'll need to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot service.

To subscribe to Mobile Hotspot, visit My Verizon or call Customer Service at 800-922-0204."

When I talked to a Verizon Agent online, they had me Reset the Network Settings on the phone and Power Cycle the phone. I completed this and yet still encountered the same message.

Then, the Verizon Agent requested I provide the phones IMEI and ICCID. The VA refreshed those settings on the Verizon side. Then had me Reset the Network Settings and Power Cycle the phone again. I completed this and still encountered the same message.

At this point, it is becoming frustrating because this has been a message/problem Verizon customers seem to have encountered since 2016 according to some of the backlog Verizon Community and Google discussions. Can someone at Verizon please reach out and confirm what is the actual fix for this problem?

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Re: Mobile Hotspot not working - keep getting "subscribe" message
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We are happy to troubleshoot this problem with you to better discern the problems core location. To allow us to do so properly, please leave us a Private Note here. We look forward to working with you soon.