Mobile Hotspot stuck on Checking subscription status

I got my Note 9 around a month ago. I have been using hotspot okay the past month or so. Only used 0.5 GB and 5.5 GB total in the verizon unlimited plan. Today I am getting constantly no matter where I am mobile hotspot stuck on "Checking subscription status" and after a bit it says "unable to connect: data connect not available" and fails to start. Now internet is working fine, no issues. I can actually turn on wifi, connect to wifi, and turn on hotspot fine. It seems just doing it over mobile data is an issue. I tried in around 3-4 different regions since I was travelling today with good signal and it doesn't want to work.

Has anyone else has this sort of issue?

Phone: Galaxy Note 9

Plan: Verizon Unlimited

Data used so far past 20 days: only 5.5 GB of normal and 0.5 GB of hotspot


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The Mobile Hotspot is a very useful feature to stay connected especially when you are on the go. Let's work together and get this feature working again. I would like to gather a few details to best assist. What location are you receiving the error in (intersection and zip code)? Do you have any other lines on the account with the same issue? What is the amount of data specifically used by the Hotspot so far this cycle?


Since you are traveling, I would like you to refresh your service by performing a SIM pull. Please power off the Note 9 and remove the SIM card for 2 minutes:

Once the SIM card is inserted and you've powered the phone back on, please wait 3 minutes before you test the Hotspot.


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