Mobile Price Increase 2023
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Yeah, the subtopic is wrong, but I guess no one knows proper coding anymore. 

I'm getting more and more disgruntled with Verizon. The quality of service has decreased for us and now they've increased our plan price without giving us an option. Also, they changed our plans, so I'm not even sure what the features and benefits of the new plan are.

It used to be pretty much anywhere I would go in our city, I would have a full 4 bars of service. Now I'm lucky to get 2. My guess is that as they've modernized their equipment to support 5G, they've had to convert some of their towers away from 4GLTE. But that's just a guess. 

We don't have 5G phones, so that isn't a benefit to us.

Another point of frustration is that Verizon used to have the absolute best customer service of any of the carriers -- bar none. Not anymore.  

I looked into how much it would cost us to change over to the new Unlimited Plus plans for our 5 lines, and it would cost an additional 5$ per month. But it doesn't seem to offer us any additional benefits except it would increase our monthly hotspot allowance from 15GB to 30GB per line. But we're currently not using our hotspots because we're on Starlink.

So, it would seem Verizon is tired of being the acknowledged superior provider in the industry and they just wanted to introduce more challenges to keep them from getting too bored.

By the way, compared with other countries I've traveled to, all of our mobile service is WAY overpriced. Other countries seem to have better service coverage, faster speeds, and lower costs. It's about time for some real competition.

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We want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Our plans are fixed and they can't change or increase without your consent. It is completely up to you whether you want to switch over to the new plans or not. What city and ZIP Code are you having service issues in? What model devices do you have?


Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure we are able to help out with any issues you might be having. If you still need assistance, please provide us with the information previously requested, and we'll be happy to help.