Mobile data not working post Galaxy update

I moved into Verizon couple of months back .Everything was good until I decided to run the latest Samsung Galaxy update on my S20+. As soon as I ran the latest update, my Verizon SIM card stopped working (was not able to make/receive calls nor send/receive text nor mobile data). 

I called into Verizon Tech Support, they took me for a ride for 2 weeks, they sent me a new SIM card . Tried the new SIM , that did nothing. Then after a few frustrated calls, Customer Care made me insert the old SIM , they did something on their end which fixed the texts and calls. I was told mobile data would start working in a couple of hours.Its already 48hrs and its not working. 

The Tech Support team has 0 accountability. They put me on hold for long times and drop out as well. Its been almost 3 weeks since I have been able to use the services that I am paying for(I am on unlimited plan). A couple of reps (tech support tier 2) promised me for a call back and they never called back. As a last resort I am putting this message, if there is no progress i am probably thinking of moving to another service provider.

I am just disappointed with the level of service provided. Anyone faced similar issues?

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Oh, no. This is never the experience that we want for you lachoosethu. Reliable service is a must, and we're sorry to hear about the service issues you've been experiencing for the last couple of weeks. We would love to help right away.


Please tell us, what signal (LTE, 3G, 1x) do you see on your phone? To be sure, what is your zip code?



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Unfortunately "lousy customer service" is the new norm for Verizon.   You can try 2 things... #1 Call tier 2 tech support (and I know it takes a while to get through), tell them you want to speak to a Manager/Supervisor... Hopefully they can fix your problem.

I think a better choice might be to call Verizon Customer Retention Dept... tell them you are considering leaving Verizon as a result of the terrible/lousy service.  Tell the first person you're speaking with that you want a Manager/Supervisor.  Don't let them tell you "No"... 

Ideally one of these 2 ideas will work;  but there's no question, Verizon's Customer service is horrendous!!!  Good luck!