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Music player ?'s

Okay. I must say that I love this phone. It has the best screen of any of the Droid phones so far.


I haven't figured it out yet, and maybe it's something easy that I am missing, so if anyone can help...thanks in advance.


1. Is there a way to shuffle your music?

2. When I transferred my music, some of the album art transferred, some didn't. Is there a way that I can download the rest of the album covers that didn't transfer?


Finally, here are some of my observations on this phone. Bing, granted Google is by far a better search engine, I don't seem to carry the hatred that others have shown for this. I know it all comes down to the principle, but this phone is not all about Bing. I have not had any problems with the GPS. Yes, google maps is a little off, but the Google navigation was right on and took me right where I needed to go. Yes, I can do without some of the Bloat, but I think that is the sellers prerogative to choose what they want to put on it. Overall, we haven't had any problems with this phone. We've had them for about 4 days and have put them through their paces.


This is just my opinion, and others may not agree, but both my wife and I love this phone. Who couldn't with a BOGO sale, and my wife loves a good sale!! With this phone, and others, I think that that fruit company is going to see something approaching fast in their rearview mirror.


Re: Music player ?'s


1. Page 73 in the user's manual shows a diagram on the shuffling symbol ( ***I have provided a link to the users manual below). Once you have selected a song to play, the menu that pops up (album cover, play, back etc.) will have a shuffling symbol that you can touch to turn on and off. (Users Manual)


2.  This may require a media manager. The device does not have a native option to add album art to song files. Media managers can tag the songs with the proper album art. Example of media managers - ITunes, Zune, even our Vcast Media Manager. I have provided a article on our Vcast Media Manager below:  (FAQ's - Frequently Ask Questions) (Download and Install)


I hope this information was helpful.

Re: Music player ?'s

Thanks for the solution. I kept trying to shuffle from the album tab, which only shuffles the songs from that album. When I went to all music, then it shuffled the songs the way I wanted it to.


Also, I've been playing with it and another way to transfer album art is this (especially, if you have any that didn't transfer from Itunes, or whatever music player you use):


1. Connect you phone to you computer, making sure to select mount first.

2. After you have downloaded you music (each album should be in it's own folder), go to Wikipedia, and search for the album name.

3. Once found, right-click on the album art and select 'Save as'.

4. Now, find the drive that you phone is designated as, and open the drive.

5. Select My_Music or wherever you have your music under.

6. Select you album. Make sure the file opens so that you can see each individual song.

7. At that point, you should be able to hit 'save'


The jpeg image of the album art should not be stored in that filed associated with that album. When you open the music player, you should then see the album art.


Hope this helps.


Re: Music player ?'s

"The jpeg image of the album art should not be stored in that filed associated with that album. When you open the music player, you should then see the album art."




Sorry...this should have said that the album art SHOULD be stored in the file associated with that album.