My Samsung Galaxy S8 won't charge
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I woke up yesterday with my phone on 0% and on the charger for atleast 3 hours (yeah I know I need more sleep) I turned the phone on while it was on the charger and got the moisture detected message. after the blow dryer and rice tricks, I rid myself of the moisture detected message......

However, my phone still won't charge past 0%. I am able to turn it on, so the phone is responsive, but obviously it's so dead that I don't have a chance to make it to the settings screen if I needed to. The weird thing is it reads my charger. The phone shows the lightning bolt and even says 2 hours and 49 minutes until fully charged. I have had the moisture detected error in the past and I've even had charger problems in the past but at no point had my phone given me the lightning bolt or showed me a charge status before. This makes me feel like it's serious

Has anyone else this problem after a moisture detection? what can I do? 

I dont have the time or money to wait/waste on a refurbished phone or replacement. My job requires me to have my phone on me at all times.

*this battle has gone on for about 15 hours at this point*

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Re: My Samsung Galaxy S8 won't charge
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StephenKoncerak1, though your phone may be hungry for a charge, let's try a few tricks to ensure that it is full. Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software recently? Has there been any physical or liquid damage to the phone? When checking the charging port, do you notice any discoloration or is it loose? Please place the phone in Safe Mode and then continue to charge as normal. Here is a link that provides the steps After charging in Safe Mode, please let us know if there is any change.

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