My Wife Can't Receive My Calls
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I recently switched my phone and wife phone from Att to Verizon.  I can't make calls to my wife's phone.  It goes straight to voicemail.  We can text each other and she can call me.  Any suggestion?

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Re: My Wife Can't Receive My Calls
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I also have been having the same issue for 3 years. I have gotten a new SIM card, done a factory reset, I have even gotten a new phone.   Hours and hours on the phone with customer service.  It's the line, it is NOT my phone.   I am so frustrated. I work from home half of the time and my cell is the only way for work to reach me.   I have taken time off to fix it.  The issue needs to be resolved. I have seen many many people that are dealing with the same issue. This is not ok!