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Sorry for the diatribe - and for the moderators - I know, you are sorry this happened and you value my safety and turn off the phone please understand as soon as I can I will.  I am not fighting this but providing my story which if it is at all representative might provide a clue as to why some might be resistant. 

I preordered my Note 7 on 8/3.  It arrived on 8/20.  I fell in love with my new phone.

On Sept 15th I went into a local corporate Verizon store to ask about the recall.  By this point I had contacted Samsung close to a dozen times and had reached out to Verizon's call center for help as well.  There was no information coming my way.  The corporate store said bring in the cords, the headphones, the box, everything and they would happily exchange it for a different 'loaner' or permanent phone.

On Sept 17th I got up early and was at a corporate Verizon store when they opened with the box and all of the contents. (happens to be a different one from the 15th visit) followed the guy around the store for 40 minutes picking out phones - they didn't have the V10, they didn't have the Note 5, they didn't have the HTC something...... in the end, they had one and only one S7.  <aiy aiy aiy>

On Sept 19th the re-release I took another day off work and bought a new Note 7. My job requires I have 24x7 contact and this is my phone and this is my internet.  This is my only option. I don't have another phone just waiting in the wings.  So to comply I purchased that second Note 7 from a local Verizon corporate store.

When the Samsung site allowed me to request the replacement device I picked up a second one.  It arrived, was activated and my husband is using it.  The return box arrived and we returned the first phone on 10/15.   

And then the 2nd recall.  Now I have 2 phones that need to be replaced.  Both are paid for out of pocket - one paid to Samsung, one to Verizon.  There are no contracts on either phone.

10/17 I spent almost 6 hours trying to replace the phone (not even an slight exaggeration) I purchased at a local Verizon corporate office.  The two corporate Verizon offices handed me a piece of paper that directed me to the CPSC site and to order a new phone.  Neither corporate office will help. I called, I was told the corporate offices are wrong.  ...  sigh .... and lots of words about 'we are all on the same team.  Well, no you aren't.  You do not work as a unit, you don't even have the same message.

And through ALL of this - none of the 3 Note 7's have thankfully even run a little bit warm. Frankly the temperature on the two I have used has been the coolest running of all of the phones I have had. 

When I get my new phone, I will pay out of pocket again.  The 'refund' from Verizon will come in 1-2 billing cycles.  Since it is more than my bill it will wipe away my bill for a few months so really it will take 4 months to get my money back.  So I am still on the hook for the credit card charges. From the little guy perspective I feel I have tried valiantly to return/replace my phone and I am getting a very short end of a stick and I have paid a lot to try to comply with more expense coming.  I don't yell, I don't blame, I don't argue.  But I am very frustrated and tired and hurt frankly. But if my experience is even remotely repeated with others then compliance with whatever the rule is will not be followed and frankly cannot be. 

If someone has advice on what to do next, I would love to hear it. We did request a refund for the phone that we have purchased through  Tomorrow I will take time off work to try and purchase another phone at the local store and maybe won't even talk about the Note 7 - maybe...

Please understand, this makes Verizon look as badly as Samsung. I understand it is Samsung's product that failed.  But I have gotten mixed messages, promises and failed follow through and frankly I expect Verizon to help me navigate Samsung or maybe help Samsung help your clients.  I haven't seen that.

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The refund for the device is supposed to be credited to the form of payment used to purchase. I also paid for the first Note 7 on my credit card back in August.. I shipped it back in the special box provided by Samsung, it was delivered to Verizon on 10/6 and my card was credited yesterday.

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OK, still me - apparently signing into message boards isn't a strength of mine....

1 - so happy to see that I am not the only one that has had numerous problems, mixed messages, confusion and frankly being pushed off.

2 - so sad that I am not alone in this - if I were just falling through the cracks.

And Dbeak - that was the original message but doesn't appear to be what is happening. The corporate verizon store told me I would not get ANY money back on my phone since I didn't purchase it under contract. That was a manager of the store, it wasn't one of the Z wireless, I verified to make sure of who they were.

And after all of this - frankly I will know what the process is when I experience it.

No Pixel XL 128 in the area - even though I was the first one through the door at the store that opened the earliest. I am getting an S7 on Monday supposedly - it took only an hour on the phone Thursday to get what I should have been eligible for. And I am paying for it and they say I will get a bill credit for the amount paid for the Note 7 after I return it - that requires the infamous box. We shall see if it comes as it is supposed to.