My new s20+ wont activate. This is seriously irritating.

Yesterday I went and upgraded my s9+ to an S20 plus.

It was done at an actual verizon store. The employee had me put in the order on my phone at the store.

After it was all completed, the rep handed me the new s20 plus (still in the box) and told me everything was good to go. 

I tried powering it up in the parking lot and from 3pm until midnight I've been restarting the phone trying to activate this stupid thing, since clearly it wasn't activated like the rep assured me.

Verizon is not accepting phone calls, so I can't even talk to a real person! I'm left with messaging what I believe to be a robot on the "my verizon" app, who only replies to me about once every 10 minutes. I was told several times that my phone was activated,  and it even shows that it's paired to a plan on the verizon app.

However, whenever I restart the phone, it says my phone doesn't have a plan. I can't make or receive calls, can't send or receive texts, and I have absolutely no phone to use right now...

It's 1am on Sunday morning now and the verizon store doesn't open until 10am on Monday.. Sure hope I don't have any business calls that come in before I'm able to get into the store. Nevermind the fact I'll be missing work that whole morning because of this!!

I made sure the old phone was turned off and even did a factory reset on it.

This is the worst phone buying experience I've ever had. I'm not even excited about this phone at all now. Wish verizon would get their stuff together and realize how ridiculous it is that I can't even talk to a real person on the phone. Especially for an issue like this one!

If I try to click on the notification that says "You do not have a Verizon Wireless Plan" all it does is try to make me add a second line to my current plan.. 

Someone please help!

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Re: My new s20+ wont activate. This is seriously irritating.
Customer Service Rep

Devin1k, we are here for you to help make sure that we can get this all in order for you and your new device. Please send us a Private Note for better assistance. JoseL_VZW