My phone cant make calls or receive
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I can't make calls or receive them outside verizon network phones.  I worked for Verizon wireless in 2005... this issue was a KNOWN ISSUE BACK THEN.  SO SPARE ME THE PATRONIZING.  Did you turn it off? Turn it back on?  Turn on airplane mode, turn it off? Remove the sim card ..put it back in.... look Verizon. Truth is you don't know why your network does this.  Now that you know i have done all the above... why can't i receive calls?  Why can't i make them?  I can call my house phone it rings but on my cell the line is dead. I had a friend call me, it goes right to voice mail. I call out message shows on phone as soon as i dial cant connect.  why? Too expensive service for garbage service.  I had better service with my prepaid boost phone! 

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Re: My phone cant make calls or receive
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We always want our customers to have a reliable service experience, and I am glad to provide you the support you need. To clarify, have you experienced connection issues with any other devices in your household?