My phone is rebooting itself in a loop. HELP!
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I placed my phone on the charger. I came back later because I heard it rebooting itself. Now it will not stop rebooting itself. I have turned it off 3 times and when I turn it back on, it is still in the restart loop. What can be done?

Re: My phone is rebooting itself in a loop. HELP!
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Help has arrived, DAUGHTER2ISME. Being able to rely on your phone is incredibly important. We want to make sure we get the phone back to working that way it should. I have a few questions to help isolate the issue.

What is the make and model of the device? Is the phone still rebooting? What troubleshooting steps have you tried already?  

The final troubleshooting step for a smartphone that is stuck rebooting is a factory reset performed manually. If the problem persists, we would then look at replacement options available for your account. 


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