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My screen blacks out during phone use.

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue ...yet.

Started on Friday 1/20 while watching a you tube video, thought it was going through a random reboot.

Screen  barely powered on while trying to fix then randomly starts back up.

Happened again Saturday while on Facebook. Did a battery pull.

Then again Sunday using Facebook, once again.

Just curious though... anyone else? Smiley Sad

Also, if I have to take it back to the store for the issue that should be covered by factory warranty are they good with in store switch of a new phone?

I used to get those when I had my En-V2

Don't know if smartphones have different ways...


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Re: My screen blacks out during phone use.
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

How long you had the phone?? If over 14 days, most stores will request a phone be sent to you to your house. Then you will use the label inside the box to send the old one back.

VZW did away with in store swaps awhile ago. I suspect it is a major space issue.

Re: My screen blacks out during phone use.

I have had it way more than fourteen days.

Yeah, store swaps were handy... but two day shipping is okay with me too.

Smiley Happy Thanks for your help, I just wanted to see if anyone is coming across this issue.

Re: My screen blacks out during phone use.
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Limelemoneez, thank you for sharing your concerns with your device. I have not seen this issue with the Nexus so far. Since this seems to happen mostly when using the Browser and web applications, have you tried clearing cache from your Browser? If not, try this first. Open your Browser, press the 3 dots to go to Settings, choose Privacy & Security, clear cache. If you have installed any antivirus applications, please uninstall those. Also, if you notice this started after installing a new application, please uninstall that app also.

If this issue is still occurring, then I suggest completing a factory reset. This will erase all data from the device and reset to factory default settings. Since this phone does not have an SD card, I would recommend connecting to your computer to backup personal info like pictures, videos, etc. Also, check your Gmail account to make sure pictures backed up.



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