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My take on the fascinate
Ok, I typically have not liked the droid platformed phones, sometimes because of the phone itself (moto droid, incredible), sometimes because of the OS (or applied front UI) (ally, any moto blur phone ) and others because of OS limitations at the time I was looking at it (eris). Well, I had a NE2 to use, and went in to play with this phone. I love this phone !! It has nuance and swype, two things rare on the droid platform, a decent speaker, good call quality, an awesome screen, a decent front UI, some decent stock apps/ widgets, and a sexy sleek profile.

Now, it is not perfect, I have yet to try gps for any real period of time yet, and bing is default (not that I am anti bing, it just does not give accurate directions in my area), and it comes with a lot of boat ware.

Coming from an omnia 2, I was used to swype, touch wiz, and an amoled screen, but the fascinate has much more refined versions of all of these. The swype is much more accurate and quick, the touch wiz is better looking and smoother, and the screen is just amazing.

This phone does have mobile hotspot, wireless b, g, and n, but you can only tether wirelessly, and are restricted to 2gb. It has pinch to zoom, but to do that, it has a capacitive digitizer, meaning you cannot use a stylus. There are times where I like the precision of a stylus, even though this is the most precise capacitive device I have used.

This phone has samsung's second generation amoled screen, this gives the phone a slim profile, along with good battery life and displays pictures and videos in a way that will amaze you. all without the annoying color show (each brightness had its own hue on the omnia 2). A second speaker would have been nice, as it gives music more depth and quality, but the one is better than ones on comparable phones.
Re: My take on the fascinate
Oh, I also need to add how fast and responsive this phone is, it is amazing, even compared to other droid phones I have used.