My wifi calling doesn't work in my area?
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I live in an area with horrific reception (90265) and I must put my phone on airplane mode and then activate wifi to make/receive calls.  80% of the time this works.  20% of the time it does not.  One call may work, the other does not.  This is not an issue unique to this phone -- I have had my s7 replaced several times through your insurance and they all experience this.

I also will not receive voicemail messages in Visual Voicemail unless I turn-off wifi.  This means I need to DRIVE to a signal to know if I have a message. 

Why do you hate wifi? 

Re: My wifi calling doesn't work in my area?
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I rely on my WiFi connection to help with calls all the time and definitely want you to be able to use your WiFi calling, DARPYM24. Let's dig into this. What happens when trying to make a call on WiFi calling? Do you receive any error messages? Have you tested out WiFi calling on more than one WiFi network?


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