NO VERIZION TOTAL MOBILE PROTECTION FOR E-Sim switch feom regular sim. They put you on BYOD (Bring Your own device)
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I activated my e-sim back in December or January. It switched my plan to a BYOD so you can't get insurance on it. That is total nightmare. I lost my insurance I signed back up May 3, 2022 during open enrollment and still didn't get it cause it was BYOD (bring your own device) in the system and I am paying on it in the system. I ordered it from the system in February last year pre-order launch. 


It has been a total nightmare... I had to switch back to a regular God darn it paper wafer of gold that can mess up at anytime and the E-sim is faster and everything. I will have to test 5Guw. At my favorite location where I got over 3 Gbps on the e sim.


This is going backwards in tech for Verizion and I believe there may be a shortage of sim cards in the future cause of the current way this are done with the signals and provisions on the sim cards to mess up.

Apple watches have dedicated esims and no regular Sims for them and they get insurance.  Why... I don't understand. 

If mobile phone makers/designers decide to go to dedicated e-sims. Will there be insurance for the phones. 

I also found this from a Verizion employee...


"PSA If you only have an eSIM active with Verizon, that device is NOT covered by Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection (insurance) OR by the 12 month warranty offered through Verizon. You’d still be covered by AppleCare and Apple’s manufacturer warranty but claims through Asurion or warranty replacements through Verizon cannot be processed on an eSIM line.

In theory, you could device swap back to a physical SIM in the event you needed to do a warranty exchange or insurance claim, but I felt this was important information for everyone to know.

I’m a VZ employee."


According to the OST it’s to “prevent customers from being charged for insurance twice”. It’s entirely possible that this will be adjusted if they can figure out a way for the system to verify that the device that is being activated isn’t already active with a physical sim. The problem is you could have a physical sim active on one account and an eSIM active on a completely different account. And the eSIM activated line has a separate IMEI too, so the system sees it as a completely different device"


This is total claptrap. The Verizion company should know the regular sim and the E-Sim on these phones. It is unhinged(ly) sad you will lose Verizion Total Mobile Protection.

6 months of headaches

 So wrong

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

Should be Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

And this forum does not recognize the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G either on its products list... sad


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