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I had trouble with my original note 9 shutting down by itself whenever it went idle. Tech support sent me a replacement note 9. The replacement wasn't functioning right from the first time I started it up. Now, 6 weeks later, it too is powering down by itself. It will only stay on if it is on the charger, or if I keep an app running in the background (music, maps, fitness tracker, etc.) Tech support ran diagnostics on it and said it looks like a hardware issue (warranty issue) once again. They gave me the number for Customer Care. When I call that number, I get 6 minutes of ads for other companies trying to sell me things I don't want.  Eventually my call is connected to another company...I never get to speak to a Verizon rep! I have tried 5 times.  VERIZON IS SELLING DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS AND REFUSING TO PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE.



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Hardware issue and warranties isn't something customer service does, that's tier 2 tech. Reaching them would only lead to either given a number to call or be sent to another queue.

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@Carl0415 ,

We always want to know right away if you are having some sort of device issue, because it is not normal for a phone to power itself off so frequently. I am not finding this listed as a known issue for the Note 9 either, so there's a lot more we'd want to know about the phone, especially when the same issue happens on a replacement. What was the extent that the phone was checked out prior to a replacement being ordered? What phone number were you given that has ads for other companies? I ask because the only customer service number we have would be 800.922.0204