Need help with note 9 BOGO. Have several questions

Hi, I've been a Verizon customer since 2000. My parents and I are on a plan together (16gb XL Verizon plan.) Whenever we got it, it was 3 lines, 4th line free. We declined the 4th line because we didn't need it. Now that I'm married this promotion would be a great time to bring my wife to Verizon and we could both get the note 9 with the BOGO deal. My questions are, would the 4th line still be a free add-on to our plan like it was originally offered? And would she be able to import her Sprint number for the 4th line with the BOGO deal bc she doesn't want a new number.

Thanks for the help!

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jimmypop13, great to hear you're interested in the Note 9 promotion! To help answer your questions, when adding a new line service for your wife there would be a one-time $30.00 Activation Fee. The activation fee does help us with getting her service started. This fee helps cover parts of the porting process for new customers, providing instructional resources, and offering many of the customer services to help you for free, such as technical support.

She can transfer her number from Sprint to your family's account. Even with transferring her number over, it counts as a new line of service (since she's not already with VZW) so you still qualify for the promotion. I'm going to share a helpful support page, which goes through the process of how to add a new line of service:

You can of course also contact our Telesales team at 800-225-5499 (they're open M-F till 11:00 PM Eastern) or visit a store. I hope you find this information beneficial, and let us know if you have additional questions.


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