Need to block All incoming incoming international calls

All night long I get internationals calls which are from a different number each time.  I have to now shut the volume off my phone off so I can sleep. This is not a good idea if someone in my family is trying to reach me. I purchased the Call Filter thinking that would help but it can only block an individual call when these callers are using different numbers each time.  There must be a better way than turning the volume off on my phone. I can't be woken up from these calls. 

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Re: Need to block All incoming incoming international calls
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I'm sorry to learn that you get internationals calls from different numbers multiple times at night, JoDroid. I understand that you have to shut off the volume on your phone so that you can sleep. I am a consumer too and I sincerely understand your predicament and I want to help. You indicate that you have purchased the Call Filter feature and the issue continues as this option does not prevent all international numbers from calling you. While it is impossible to prevent anyone from calling your number, there is a way to keep your phone from ringing when unrecognized numbers call you. Depending on your phone model, your phone may be equipped with the Do Not Disturb feature which will help you as it will only allow calls from specific callers. See more about this feature at this link (

I can check if your phone includes this feature if you provide me with your specific phone model.