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Network type preference setting for email/browsing services?



For the fascinate, is there an option which will tie services to a connection preference similar to wifi enabled blackberries?


e.g. when I am home or at work, I want the fascinate to route everything possible over wifi. 


As it stands, my house has poor 3G coverage and it would seem that email and browsing wants to go over the cellular network. This causes timeouts and very frequently, large delays in accessing the email server to do an inbox refresh.


If I set airplane mode, and re-enable wifi, I don't find any delay's; of course, I cannot receive calls while doing such.


Can a tech confirm that the fascinate is indeed giving preference to using the 3G network over wifi for services like email when wifi/3G is present?



Re: Network type preference setting for email/browsing services?


From the Home screen, touch Menu ,Settings, Wireless & networks Wi-Fi settings.

Hello! This is Noah with Verizon Wireless, I hope you are having a great day. I would be happy to address your post today. 

I apologize, but there is no option to tie specific services directly to a wifi connection.

Try using these steps as the Fascinte device will default to the 3G connection if the wi-fi network is not detected.



Touch Menu, Advanced. 



 Wi-Fi sleep policy data for data communications.

Touch to choose from turns off:

Specify when to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile


When screen is on, Never when plugged in, or Never.

You would want to select never. 

That would be the only option that could be changed for the Wi-fi settings.

Tip: When you are in range and Wi-Fi is on, you will automatically reconnect to available networks you’ve
connected to before.