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New Fascinate

Does anyone have the problem where you give a certain contact a ringtone, but when you try, there are no contacts to add from?!?! 


I go under music, choose the song I wanna set as a ring tone, choose set as, choose "caller ringtone", and NONE of my contacts come up...


:smileysad:  Does anyone know how to fix it?!?!

Re: New Fascinate

The reason for that is your contacts may be in your gmail account and not on the actual phone.  You can only assign ringtones to contacts that are saved to the phone.


Hope this helps.


The Yaeckman

Re: New Fascinate

In order to set a specific ringtone for a caller, you would need to create the contact as a Phone contact. You are able to create a contact through the following steps:

  1. From the Home screen, touch Contacts
  2. Touch Create contact.
  3. At the Save contact to prompt, touch an account for saving the contact (available options depend on the accounts you
    have set up): 
    • Phone: Saves to the phone’s Contacts.
    • Google: Saves to your Google account.
    • Corporate: Saves to your Corporate Exchange account.
  4. Touch contact fields to enter information: 
    • Touch Photo ID to choose a picture to identify the contact.
    • Touch First name, then enter a first name for the contact.
    • Touch Last name, then enter a last name for the contact. After entering a last name touch Expand to enter a Name prefix or
      Middle name.
    • Touch Phone number to enter a phone number, then touch the Label button to choose a label, from Mobile, Home, Work, Work
      Fax, Pager, Assistant, Other, or Custom to create a custom label. To add another number, touch Add phone number.
    • Touch Email address to enter an email address, then touch the Label button to choose a label, from Home, Work, Mobile, Other,
      or Custom to create a custom label. To add another address, touch Add email address.
    • Touch Instant msg to enter an instant message address, then touch the label button to choose a label, from Google Talk, AIM,
      Windows Live, Yahoo, Skype, QQ, ICQ, Jabber, or Custom to create a custom label. To add another IM, touch Add IM.
    • Touch Groups to assign the contact to a group. For more information about Groups, see “Groups” on page 48.
    • Touch Ringtone to choose a ringtone for the contact.
    • Touch Company to enter a company name.
    • Touch Job title to enter a work title.
    • To add more fields, tap Add more fields to choose Nickname, Postal address, Web address, Birthday, Anniversary and Note.
  5. When you finish entering information, touch
You will complete these steps for each contact you want to setup a specific tone for and then follow the steps to set it as you were doing originally.