New Pie Update - Dangerous Volume Issue

I have a Note 8.  I'm not sure if this issue is inherent in Pie, or if it's something either Samsung controls or with Verizon's particular release. 

Previously when you unplug headphones or auxiliary audio cable from the jack, the media volume will reset to medium when you next plug earphones in. 

I do not have bluetooth in my car and use a cable to run to the car's stereo.  Typically the volume on the phone needs to be set much higher so I can adjust the music volume with the car's volume knob.

After driving earlier this morning,  I later put in my earphones and nearly had my eardrums blown out because without warning the safety feature of having the volume neutralized for new physical connections was taken away. 

This is extremely dangerous as there is no external indicator of volume on the phone before playing something.  If I try to adjust the volume while no media is playing,  it will adjust ringtone volume instead.  To adjust media volume beforehand,  I would have to remember to go through the sound menus to specifically lower media volume, or remember or remember to lower the volume right before I get out of the car. 

People should not need to remember either.  I don't understand why it no longer starts you at a safe volume and just lets you adjust as needed each time. 

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