New account completely messed up with overcharges and double devices

I got suckered into the Verizon holiday deals and the fact that I'm a Fios customer (extra $10 discount per line for home and mobile), so I switched my entire family from T-Mobile to Verizon. WHAT A MISTAKE! After hours in chat and on the phone, I get very polite and sympathetic Verizon customer service, but no resolution.

I switch 5 phone lines and added two watches to the account.

Problem #1: My account somehow has 3 watches, two with the same IMEI. Customer service could not resolve this, so they opened a ticket two weeks ago, then nothing. Calling back has no effect. I get "we are so sorry, and of course you are right and we'll call you back", then nothing. Meanwhile I'm billed $10 extra per month.

Problem #2: The home + mobile discount got assigned to a factitious cancelled account and the customer service reps either from the Fios side or the Mobile side can't do anything. A ticket was opened two weeks ago, with no resolution to date. Meanwhile I'm being charged extra $10 per line. That's $50 extra per month.

Problem #3: I initially transferred 4 lines, 3 with new devices, 1 with bring your own device. Well of course there was an issue with bring your own device, so it was activated a day after the first 3 devices, but... 3 devices is $65 per month, while 4 is $55 per month (before all the discounts I did not get), so because I was a day late, I got charged an extra $10 on the first 3 devices. That's $30 extra. Ok, at least this issue is temporary (I hope), but still how totally wrong way to welcome new customers!

That's a total of $90 per month extra that I am paying now.

Does anybody know how to resolve this issue? Verizon customer service will not (or can not) help me. Where do I go? I am still in the 30 day window to return all my devices and cancel my service, and unless this is resolved, I will, but this is such a mess. 

Any ideas on how to resolve an issue that Verizon customer service refuses to address?

Re: New account completely messed up with overcharges and double devices
Customer Service Rep

This is not the type of experience we want you to have with your new Wireless service. Allow us to gather more information to be on the same page. Please send us a Private Note at your earliest convenience.