New phone

So I purchased a brand new galaxy s20 on July 23.  The phone didn't work from the moment I brought it home.  My old phone was ringing and receiving text messages.  I had to bring it back the next day.  The store clerk was super nice and said he fixed the problem with the sim card.  I went to pick it up and I noticed none of my text messages were being sent in a group.  So I left the phone again, he contacted support.  I picked it up.  I thought it was all good.  On July 28, my text messages again wouldn't send in a group.  I let it go because then the messages starting sending.  Okay then again on August 1 this problem was happening again.  I brought it back to the store on Aug 3, the person at the store was very helpful although he was baffled.  He said he fixed it. Well he didn't.  On Aug. 8 I left the phone again and he called support and he said he fixed it.  Well again on August 10, it is still not working.  I asked why this was happening?  He said it was my sim card from my old Galaxy.  I said well I want  a new phone.  This is ridiculous.  He said his manager said he couldn't give me a new phone because it was past the 14 days and I didn't have the box anymore.  Is this ridiculous??????  I tried calling Verizon and the customer care person said there was nothing he could do because I purchased in a store. 

Please help  I am so fed up with this situation.  Has this happened to anyone and can you please give me advice.  By the way the phone cost me 1000.00 and for it not work is insane.

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