New service and phone, spam calls and message all day long

And I still have my Sprint account that I've had for 8 years and might get one or two calls or messages that are spam in a week (on a bad week).

So what gives?

And two, I have to pay for caller id?

Also tried to setup my fingerprint on my note 9 and it ask to make a pin, I used my go to personal pin that I always use. I put the pin in twice and it gives then goes into some kind of error, don't remember exactly and now I go in and try to set it up again, says set up fingerprint security and I hit continue, then it ask for current pin and I enter, it says try again. I know what you might think, I put in a different pin, but I did not, you have to confirm it by entering again. So now what???


Re: New service and phone, spam calls and message all day long
Customer Service Rep

I know the importance of protecting the security of your information to prevent Spam calls and being able to easily manage the device security, BTB604. I apologize for any inconvenience and I would be happy to offer my assistance. I can confirm we do not solicit or release your number for Spam calls. Are you using a new number or one that you ported from your previous provider? Are using the Caller Name ID app that has a monthly cost of $2.99 or just the standard Caller ID that should not have a monthly charge? Have you restarted the phone since first setting up the PIN and getting the error messages? Has the device prompted you for your GMail login or another form of verification after inputting your PIN and getting the error? 



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Re: New service and phone, spam calls and message all day long

the pin is a backup & you have to remember it.....verizon doesn't know it.