Newer Verizon Samsung phones not working with Wifi calling

At my work we allow users to connect their phones to our network to utilize WiFi calling. This has worked flawlessly until about a month ago. We are not getting reports that users are not able to make or receive calls or texts while on the company Wifi. Regular internet browsing is unaffected.

Now the most interesting part: this is only affecting Newer (Note 10 and newer) Verizon Samsung devices.

Other WiFi networks (such as some peoples home networks) are unaffected.

We have not had any updates to our network, and I have tested other brands and carriers.

iPhones on Verizon and other carriers - Unaffected

Other brands of Verizon phones - Unaffected

Samsung Note 20 on At&t - Unaffected

T-Mobile phones - Unaffected


Can anyone assist with this or encountered this before?

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Re: Newer Verizon Samsung phones not working with Wifi calling
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I want to take a guess and say the update changed some setting in those models that are facing this issue.

One thing you could try is to submit an error report to Samsung Members app after attempting to make wifi call at your work. It'll take maybe 5~10 minutes. Although it may not be Samsung's issue (or it might be) they could potentially help figure out what is causing this.